[plt-scheme] Building 3-99.0.23 on Cygwin

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri May 9 13:52:31 EDT 2008

On May  6, Eddie Sullivan wrote:
> I just built the 3-99.0.23 release of DrScheme from source on Cygwin
> running on Windows XP (without X-Windows). I was able to make it
> work, but it took some doing, and I wonder if I've ended up with a
> subtly broken system. I tested it on a few simple scripts and it
> does seem to be working.

FWIW, we have a minimal cygwin build as part of the usual builds (but
the cygwin installation that it's using is not up-to-date).  IIRC,
last time I tried a cygwin build, things were mostly working fine --
and that was up to getting drscheme running on X.  There was, however,
one issue -- the mzscheme program would keep the cpu spinning at 100%.
IIRC, Matthew said something about the terminal IO implementation in
cygwin that makes this impossible to avoid.

(As for the rest of your post, the lack of `doc' is s problem with the
currently distributed files, which would be fixed soon.  I didn't
encounter any of the other issues, but that was before the v4 switch,
and I didn't use shared libraries.)

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