[plt-scheme] (Newbie) MrEd modues using Emacs Quack

From: Benjamin L. Russell (dekudekuplex at yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 7 06:41:03 EDT 2008

Hi Andrei,

Apparently, according to the post by Robby Findler in the thread "[plt-scheme] Interactive gui development in Emacs with MrEd" (http://list.cs.brown.edu/pipermail/plt-scheme/2008-May/024528.html), MrEd needs to be updated to v4 before the implementation of -z will "do the right thing"; i.e., put up a GUI window with the label "Hello!" upon evaluation of your module "test mzscheme."

Also, per the post by Neil Van Dyke (http://list.cs.brown.edu/pipermail/plt-scheme/2008-May/024530.html) in the same thread, you also need to update quack.el (at http://www.neilvandyke.org/quack/) from version 0.30 to version 0.31 (it was last updated on 2008-05-03).

After updating quack.el to version 0.31, then once MrEd is updated to v4, you should be able to evaluate your module "test mzscheme" in Emacs Quack mode with "mred.exe -z" running, and it should put up a GUI window with the label "Hello!"

However, according to the post by Matthias Felleisen (http://list.cs.brown.edu/pipermail/plt-scheme/2008-May/024547.html) in the thread "[plt-scheme] release of 4.0," "Due to (un)foreseen problems that crept into the release process, [the developers] are postponing the release of version 4.0 until early/mid June."

I.e., just stay tuned until then.

Benjamin L. Russell

--- On Wed, 5/7/08, Andrei Stebakov <lispercat at gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Andrei Stebakov <lispercat at gmail.com>
> Subject: [plt-scheme] (Newbie) MrEd modues using Emacs Quack
> To: plt-scheme at list.cs.brown.edu
> Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2008, 3:20 AM
> If I load this code in DrScheme and select Language
> (module...) and hit the
> run button it works (shows the window with the message):
> (module test mzscheme
>   (require (lib "class.ss") (lib
> "mred.ss" "mred"))
>   (define
>    (main)
>    (letrec ((frame-155
>               (new
>                frame%
>                (parent #f)
>                (alignment '(center top))
>                (stretchable-height #t)
>                (min-width 0)
>                (style '())
>                (label "test")
>                (width 146)))
>             (message-156
>               (new
>                message%
>                (parent frame-155)
>                (label "Hello!")
>                (style '()))))
>      (send frame-155 show #t)))
>   (main))
> Now, if I load the same code in Emacs quack mode with
> "mred.exe -z" running,
> there is now way I can make it show the window using the
> code as is (I tried
> to evaluate all region, or the last s-exp, nothing helps).
> If I remove the "(module test mzscheme " wrapping
> and start evaluate top
> level forms one after another, then by the time I evaluate
> (send frame-155
> show #t) it will run the window without any problem.
> My question is how can I develop a module like above in the
> quack mode
> incrementally (adding/removing UI elements)?
> Basically, what the best practice of developing MrEd UI in
> Quack
> incrementally?
> Thank you,
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