[plt-scheme] Interactive gui development in Emacs with MrEd

From: Andrei Stebakov (lispercat at gmail.com)
Date: Sat May 3 14:07:55 EDT 2008

I am making my first steps with MrEd with gui apps (on MS WinXP)
I took a sample of "hello" application from

and pasted that code in hello.scm in Emacs. I started MrEd -z and started to
evaluate all forms one after another (with Ctr-x Ctrl-e).
Finally when I came to the final form (send frame show #t) and evaluated it,
a window without any contents appeared, to get message to show on the window
I had to switch back and forth from the app to emacs.
Looks like emacs is blocking the message thread of the MrEd application.
I am not sure if it's the right way to use MrEd in Emacs... I come from
Common Lisp/Slime environment, so it seemed natural to me.
When I compile the file and make an exe, everything works.
How the interactive development with MrEd should look like when you add new
UI elements and test them before you make the final exe?

Thank you,
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