[plt-scheme] Accessing struct types from C

From: Filipe Cabecinhas (filcab at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 26 18:30:15 EDT 2008

On 26 Mar, 2008, at 20:32, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> It's best to do this (the identification) in Scheme -- where you have
> simple predicates for each of these values.
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>          ((lambda (x) (x x)) (lambda (x) (x x)))          Eli  
> Barzilay:
>                  http://www.barzilay.org/                 Maze is  
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So, you're saying I should create a Scheme wrapper for that function.  
But it's inside that function that one builds the COM argument list,  
and only then do I need to know that information. Passing information  
about the type of some arguments as argument to half of a dozen  
functions seems a bit... Too much. But I'll look into it, if all else  

   - Filipe Cabecinhas

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