[plt-scheme] Re: MysterX and arrays/vectors

From: Filipe Cabecinhas (filcab at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 25 14:32:37 EDT 2008

On 20 Mar, 2008, at 14:02, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> Did you only build the mysterx solution?  If so, then you need to
> rename the `xxxxxxx' in the filename to make it work, and probably
> substitute occurrences of it inside the dll too.  `setup/winvers' is
> the tool we usually use to do this renaming automatically.
> Alternatively, you can try to build everything from scratch, so the
> `xxxxxxx' names will be used everywhere.

Now I downloaded the HEAD revision from SVN and built it from the  
beggining and it worked, my patches are running (I saw mflatt and  
other commited to it after the revision I had).

Now I have a small problem. The ActiveX library I'm using doesn't tell  
me what object it's expecting in it's function. I thought it was an  
array of doubles but it must be an array of floats. I will try it with  
a small hack (wether it's a double or a float, fill both. But I wanted  
to know how to build MzScheme with USE_SINGLE_FLOATS in Windows (I  
just can't get around Visual Studio). I suppose there's no way to have  
a single float without enabling that.

   - Filipe Cabecinhas

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