[PLT-Scheme] Installing SLIB on Windows XP

From: praimon (praimon at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 24 10:51:43 EDT 2008

I don't imagine that it really is hard to install slib, someone
should be able to express the directions in a few sentences. You
don't need to give every permutation, just something that works,
e.g., 1) unzip to c:\slib  2) assuming you have the default
Program Files install of plt-scheme, put the init file in [this]
directory 3) set [this windows environmental] variable to [this], 

Actually, I did once manage to get slib going in some bizarre
way - I believe I unzipped slib to the plt collects dir AND in
addition emptied the contents of the slib folder into the dir
above that - heh, and maybe some other things I had to do.

As for srfi 95, yes, you're right, when I get some free time
together I should do it myself. Time is always short, tho.


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> If SLIB is really that hard to install on PLT, maybe you should contact 
> Aubrey Jaffer directly?
> I have considered supporting SRFI 95 in PLT, but somehow I don't like 
> Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Arrays (aka srfi 63), so it is not in. But 
> it should be extremely easy to use the reference implementation of SRFI 
> 95 in your own code.
> Chongkai

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