[plt-scheme] planet require idea

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Mar 20 12:52:58 EDT 2008

On Mar 20, Carl Eastlund wrote:
> Pretty good.  I think your examples would have been illustrative if
> the owner weren't "planet"; seeing (planet planet/foo...) is a bit
> misleading, as you're not suggesting that the term "planet" needs to
> be repeated.


> The one thing I'd suggest is changing the delimiters around version
> numbers.  You have:
> owner/package/major/minor:path
> I'd prefer:
> owner/package:major.minor/path
> The colon and period are negotiable, but the path is, well, a path,
> and / seems like the sensible delimiter; it also means in the
> version-nonspecific case that the only delimiter is /. (<-- period is
> only to end the sentence)  Using distinct delimiters for the version
> numbers set them off as different; everything else is picking a file,
> those numbers are picking which file by that name.

+2.  Forcing a `:' delimiter is making people remember more.  The
common case (no version) should be as simple as possible.

> Also, major.minor is how we write version numbers informally anyway,
> it make sense to reuse the notation here, assuming we aren't allowing
> decimal literals in our major version numbers.

(In that case, using two `:'s make sense.)

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