[plt-scheme] an r6rs library compatible repl?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Mar 19 12:52:15 EDT 2008

On Mar 19, Rohan Drape wrote:
> thanks, i have managed to learn why 
>   (module x (only-in scheme/base) ...)
> is not much use, all of the semi-opaque #% infrastructure
> disappears.  and of course i recognize plt modules are obviously
> more flexible than haskell etc. but hadn't realized some of the
> implications, it does seem to make avoiding simple name collisions
> with scheme/base rather tricky?

(That part should be easier now, with Matthew's change)

> (i mentioned the haskell example because the prelude is also
> slightly anti-symetrical to ordinary module use since it is
> implicit, and you need to add a line to make it go away.  also, i
> was hoping for an 'only-in' solution instead of an 'all-except'
> solution because i already had an 'only-in' list of all the required
> names from the r6rs variants import list).

The standard way to solve this (which you were not doing, and running
to these problems as a result) is to define your own language module

  (module foo scheme/base
    (provide (except-out (all-from-out scheme/base) foo bar ...)
             (rename-out [my-foo foo] [my-bar bar] ...))
    (define my-foo ...)
    (define my-bar ...)

This way you get all the usual stuff that is implicit.

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