[plt-scheme] Object system vs. closures

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 11 08:42:13 EDT 2008

That, performance issues, and the fact that class.ss will have a
different set of features is probably everything. See
http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~robby/pubs/papers/aplas2006-fff.pdf for
a description of the mzscheme class system that might help you decide.


On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 5:04 AM, Dave Griffiths <dave at pawfal.org> wrote:
> > I'm wondering: what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the
>  > mzScheme object system instead of using closures to support OO?
>  > One of the disadvantages is portability I guess?
>  Meaningful error messages and better readability - I was playing with
>  closures for a bit but switched to class.ss.
>  cheers,
>  dave
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