[plt-scheme] Low-hanging coding tasks?

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 8 14:46:18 EST 2008

On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 7:29 PM, Grant Rettke <grettke at acm.org> wrote:
>  Would this easy stuff be a good place for people to
>  contribute to PLT?

There are a lot of libraries that need to be ported to 3.99.  The
SRFIs are a good example.  This work is quite self-contained, and not
essential, so it is a good task for someone looking to contribute for
the first time.

A number of PLaneT libraries also needed to ported to 3.99.  This is
slightly trickier, as maintaining compatibility with 372 is also a
goal here and sometimes there is a tension between the two.


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