[plt-scheme] Re: ffi question and accessing errno

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Mar 8 02:09:25 EST 2008

On Mar  8, Marco Maggi wrote:
> Ciao,
> "Eli Barzilay" wrote:
> >>is it possible to access "errno"?
> >
> >Not really. [...] I'll need to extend the C part of the foreign
> >interface to make it available somehow (I still didn't figure out
> >what's the best way to address this problem).
> My vote is for a GET-FFI-OBJ variant that returns a VALUES.

It seems that the best way to do this will be in the form of a
function that will retrieve the last errno (in the current scheme
thread), but that can easily be translated (using a `_fun' syntax) to
returning a second value.

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