Installing DrACuLa on DrScheme version, english? [Was: Re: [plt-scheme] Dracula version 2.5]

From: Benjamin L. Russell (dekudekuplex at
Date: Fri Mar 7 06:07:40 EST 2008

I just made the mistake of trying to install DrACuLa ( ) on
DrScheme version, english, but
it didn't install successfully, so I had to uninstall

Does anybody know how to get DrACuLa to work on
DrScheme version, english?  The
DrACuLa PLaneT Package Repository (
) lists 371 as the required version for DrScheme, but
it doesn't seem to include any information on
compatibility with later versions.  I'd hate to
downgrade DrScheme just to try out DrACuLa.

Any help would be appreciated!

Benjamin L. Russell

--- Carl Eastlund <cce at> wrote:

> Dracula, the PLT Scheme interface to ACL2, has just
> been updated to
> version 2.5.  This is a bug fix release, including
> updates to the
> audio and DoubleCheck teachpacks, restored
> self-quoting keyword
> symbols, and proper recognition of the ACL2(r)
> command prompt.
> Dracula is compatible with DrScheme versions 371-372
> and ACL2 versions
> 3.1-3.2.  For more information, please refer to:
> -- 
> Carl Eastlund
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