[plt-scheme] mzc question

From: tom sgouros (tomfool at as220.org)
Date: Sun Mar 2 20:46:19 EST 2008

Hello all:

Mzc gives me this error.  What is it trying to tell me?

$ make
mzc --xform sserial.c
mzc v370 [3m], Copyright (c) 2004-2007 PLT Scheme Inc.
Error [CALL] 550 in sserial.c: Bad place for function call, starting tok
is scheme_char_string_to_byte_string.
xform: Errors converting

The offending piece of code is this:

    if (SCHEME_CHAR_STRINGP(argv[1])) {
      printf("Waiting to start: %s\n",
I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that I'm still not getting the
byte string/char string/UCS-4/UTF-8 business correct, but that doesn't
seem to be what mzc is complaining about.

How can I fix this?

Many thanks,


 tomfool at as220 dot org

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