[plt-scheme] Semantics of quote

From: Chris Uzdavinis (chris at atdesk.com)
Date: Mon Jun 23 08:35:58 EDT 2008

"Mark Engelberg" <mark.engelberg at gmail.com> writes:

> Can anyone point me to a fairly precise explanation of quote?
> Sometimes I encounter subtle things that make me wonder whether my
> mental model of how quote works is accurate.

Perhaps you could provide a representative situation with surprising
behavior that lead to you asking this question?

Early on in CL, I remember one use of quoting that caught me off
guard: passing a quoted list to a macro.  The '(...) form was
converted to (quote ...) by the reader, and so the macro saw the
'quote' symbol as the first element of my argument list.  I expected
it to only see my list as written.


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