[plt-scheme] r6rs import problem

From: kbohdan at mail.ru (kbohdan at mail.ru)
Date: Sun Jun 22 16:00:10 EDT 2008

Have problem importing following simple library:

(library (internal utils)
          (export record record-case)
          (import (rnrs base)
                  (rnrs syntax-case))
          (define-syntax record
            (syntax-rules ()
                          ((_ vars val exp ...)
                           (apply (lambda vars exp ...) val)))))


Importing top-level program:


(import (rnrs)
         (for (internal utils) expand))

(record (r g b) '(aa bb cc) (b g r))
; <<< causes ERROR: "expand: unbound variable in module in: record"

Any ideas ?

Thanks ahead.


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