[plt-scheme] Errors on PlaneT

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Wed Jun 18 21:19:07 EDT 2008

> Hi, I'm getting errors when I try to install DivaScheme from the PlaneT 4.x
> repository on DrScheme 4.0. Any ideas on how to fix?

[errors cut]

Hi Jeff,

My apologies!

The first error you see:

     Internal PLaneT error: trying to install already-installed package

is due to the PLaneT versioning code doing something funky from the
transition of the older version numbering scheme to the new numbering
scheme.  I sent a patch over to fix the issue, so that should be fixed
in PLT Scheme 4.0.1.

The other error you're seeing about unbound variables is something
that's puzzling me.  I'll look into it.  We'll release a DivaScheme
release that's 4.0-compatible release in a day or so.

> -On a related note: is there a package uninstall for cases like this?

You might want to try at your command line:

    $ planet remove divascheme divascheme.plt 1 3

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