[plt-scheme] writing teachpacks

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Tue Jun 17 08:32:47 EDT 2008

Matthias Felleisen wrote:

> On Jun 12, 2008, at 1:07 PM, Prabhakar Ragde wrote:
>> I then switch to a new window, switch to Beginning Student, try to add 
>> this as a user-installed teachpack, and get [an error]
> It's a bug. Already reported

I found it in the bug database, 9483. But I'm unsure of what happens 
now. The inability to add teachpacks is pretty much a show-stopper for 
educational purposes, so we can't install v4.0 in our labs. Hopefully it 
gets fixed in 4.1, but that comes out in August, meaning no summer 
testing and prep (never mind sysadmin vacation issues).

I remember patches being available for v370 last summer (though my 
sysadmins missed those, causing problems with our use of a teachpack 
which contained inline images for the first assignment). Is there going 
to be a patch for v4.0? Thanks. --PR

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