[plt-scheme] LinkedIn (group activated)

From: Eric Hanchrow (offby1 at blarg.net)
Date: Mon Jun 9 22:37:28 EDT 2008

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Schouten <tom at zwizwa.be> writes:

    Tom> Hello, The LinkedIn group is activated.  The ID is 119028 and
    Tom> the name is "PLT Scheme".  To join, follow this link:

    Tom> http://www.linkedin.com/search?search=&sortCriteria=3&groupFilter=119028

That didn't work for me -- I just saw a list of my contacts.

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"Master, does Emacs have the Buddha nature?" the novice asked.
The Master Programmer had been in the temple for many years and
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several minutes before replying.  "I don't see why not.  It's
bloody well got everything else."

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