[plt-scheme] Vancouver Lisp Users Group meeting for June 2008 - Using PLT Scheme for Game Development

From: Bill Clementson (billclem at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 6 14:02:09 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Vancouver is often called "Hollywood North" because so many movies are
filmed in the city. However, what may not be as well known is that
Vancouver is also a hot location for another type of entertainment
industry: Computer Games! With companies like Electronic Arts and
Slant Six Games located in Vancouver, the city is a real hotbed for
computer game development. I've written in the past about using Lisp
for game development (see here - my write-up actually got referenced
in Wikipedia, so it must be authoritative! ;-) ). Well, this month,
we'll be hearing about using Lisp for game development from someone
who is in a position to really know what he's talking about. Dean
Giberson is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Slant Six Games
and previously worked at EA. Here's a short bio:

Dean Giberson was a tool developer for 4 years working on several Star
Wars game titles. After a short period teaching and contracting he
returned to professional game development working on Sports titles for
3 years. He is currently employed at Slant Six Games working on
"SOCOM: Confrontation" developing the next generation of workflow
Although we were hoping to be moving to a new location (with a
projector and a special meeting room!) for this month's meeting, the
new location is still under construction. Therefore, we will be
meeting again this month at Calhoun's Coffee House and Restaurant
There won't be a projector, so we'll have to VNC a couple of laptops
so that we aren't all crowded around one laptop. We've done that in
the past, so this shouldn't be a problem (so long as some people
remember to bring laptops! ;-) ).

Here's the "official" meeting notice:

Topic: Using PLT Scheme for Game Development
Presenter: Dean Giberson
Date: Thursday, June 19, 2008
Time: 7pm - 10pm (or whenever)
Venue: Calhoun's, 3035 West Broadway, Vancouver (see map)
Summary: Inspired by tools such as DabbleDb, Fluxus, Alice or
Processing and driven by the problems of programming in the large Dean
will explore the use of PLT Scheme in game development.

Solutions to distributed development, complex tools, and dynamic
languages are explored with current solutions explained.

Concepts explored:
Live coding
Web interface for development
Connecting external tools
Version control
Join us for a beer/coffee and a chance to see/discuss how Lisp can be
used for game development.

Any updates and links will be on my blog entry for the meeting:

If possible, I will do a screencast of the presentation and link to it
in a subsequent blog post.

Bill Clementson

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