[plt-scheme] Staapl

From: Tom Schouten (tom at zwizwa.be)
Date: Fri Jul 25 12:27:43 EDT 2008

> > I'm giving it a try. However, part of the Forth code uses a "#lang
> > staapl/pic18" construct which prevents the package to be installed
> > correctly. My tarball installer places the package in the user's
> > collects by default before it compiles the source.  Is there a way
> > to do this for Planet packages?
> Yes, `#lang planet ...' should work, but there was a bug in the way
> that it was handling the reader (it expected the language's reader to
> read only one expression), which is fixed in svn and will be included
> in the 4.1 release.


There's another problem I ran into: the code refers to its own tree 
at runtime to load some modules into isolated namespaces for the
interactive part. Is there a way to make this kind of closure work
without knowing in advance where the tree is going to be installed?

Currently I generate a file with a hardcoded planet version
number before packaging, and use the planet module path as a handle
to the code.

Alternatively, is it possible to define a shorter alias for a planet
package tree?

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