[plt-scheme] Re: sxml package runs away on load, but only in mzscheme

From: Dmitry Lizorkin (lizorkin at ispras.ru)
Date: Thu Jan 24 05:44:04 EST 2008

> I'm observing something strange about the new sxml/ssax packages; 
> requiring the package in mzscheme hangs and consumes all CPU, ..

It seems that mzscheme v 399 hangs on the phase of compiling zos for the 
package sources. The problem can also be reproduced by running setup-plt -l 
for the package.

> Also, the first download from the  planet repository also hangs.

IIUC, mzscheme attempts to create zo files on the first download from the 
planet repository; subsequent 'require's from planet work fine.

Sorry for missing this. Before submission, I successfully unit tested the 
package code for both PLT v 360 and v 399 and successfully compiled the 
package sources into zo files for PLT v 360, but not v 399. OTOOH, I believe 
that a package submitter alone should not be able to hang the compiler; the 
package itself had no drastic code changes since as long as PLT v 20X. I 
thus believe that someone from PLT developerment team could elaborate the 
question better than me.


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