Problem with recursion? (was [plt-scheme] Re: Novice needs help writing function )

From: jerzy.karczmarczuk at (jerzy.karczmarczuk at
Date: Fri Jan 4 22:18:55 EST 2008

Geoffrey S. Knauth writes: 

> I wonder if computational biology could rewind or unzip genetic  
> combinations and mutations to recreate previous generations going back  in 
> time? 
> Biologists have figured out how much DNA we share with chimpanzees,  mice, 
> fruit flies and bananas.

And sausages. But still, only Almighty and some German butchers know what's
inside, as the French saying goes. And the reconstruction of a nice swine
from it doesn't seem computationally easy...
But, on the other hand, computations have finally found the missing link
between Apes and /Homo Sapiens/. It is the Computer Scientist. We share
plenty of DNA with them, hopefully not 100%. 

Jerzy Karczmarczuk 

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