[plt-scheme] mztext replacement

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Feb 28 09:26:23 EST 2008

On Feb 28, Dave Herman wrote:
> >   #lang scribble/text
> >   @(define (angled . body) (list "<" body ">"))@;
> This language sounds *fabulous*. I can't wait till it's available! I 
> have many uses in mind.

(It's already in svn.)

> > mzscheme foo > bar
> One quick question (I'm still getting up to speed on v4): will there
> be a way to make this compatible with shebang notation? Then you
> could write e.g.
>      #!/bin/env mzscheme
>      #lang scribble/text
>      hello, world!
> and chmod 755 and then the calling the script itself generates its
> output.

Yeah, that's exactly how it works now.

[BTW, one thing that is missing for now some way to include another
file.  `require' doesn't work right since it executes the other file
before the current code runs.  Something like `include/reader' should
work, but I hope to get away with something more dynamic.
`dynamic-require' works fine, but I want it to use relative paths from
the source expression.]

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