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From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sat Feb 23 18:39:05 EST 2008

I have a problem with quasiquote.
Or rather, I solved the problem by making my own qausiquote.
It probably is alright that `(a unquote (add1 2)) --> (a . 3)
R6RS even states that in case of doubt unquote must be interpreted as an unquotation.
I don't like that. I like:
`(a unquote (add1 2)) --> (a unquote (add1 2))
`(a . (unquote (add1 2))) --> (a . 3)
The syntax-e of PLT #lang scheme (and other languages in PLT) allow to discriminate between the two.
I like that, although I must assume that most schemers and lispers are not accustumed to the idea that
`(a unquote (add1 2))
may not be the same thing as
`(a . (unquote (add1 2)))
Although R6RS seems to provide a comprehensive definion of quasiquote, I do not feel comfortable with it.
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