[plt-scheme] Re: PLT pre-builds

From: Marco Maggi (marco.maggi-ipsu at poste.it)
Date: Sun Feb 17 07:31:25 EST 2008

On  Marco Maggi wrote:
>I get the following on Linux from source
>make copytree-run
>make[3]: Entering directory
>mzscheme/mzschemecgc -u \
>          "./../collects/setup/unixstyle-install.ss" \
>          make-install-copytree "./.." \
>          "/opt/plt/3.99//bin"
>"/opt/plt/3.99//share/plt/doc" "/opt/plt/3.99//lib"
>"/opt/plt/3.99//include/plt" "/opt/plt/3.99//lib/plt"
>"/opt/plt/3.99//share/man" "no"
>cp: internal error: "doc"
> === context ===

The problem  (with version, too) is  that there is
no "doc"  directory in  the top source  directory; so  CP in
"unixstyle-install.ss" fails because "doc" satisfies none of
the clauses:

(cond [(skip-filter src) 'skip]
  [(link-exists? src) ...]
  [(directory-exists? src) ...]
  [(file-exists? src) ...]
  [else (error 'cp "internal error: ~e" src)]

to fix one just has to:

$ mkdir doc; echo >doc/EMPTY

in the top source dir before installing.

Now I get a segfault while building documentation in
"more.scrbl": is this already known, or can someone tell
me what is the command line that does it?

Marco Maggi

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