[plt-scheme] bugs in snapshot mz-

From: Tom Schouten (tom at zzz.kotnet.org)
Date: Mon Feb 11 07:27:42 EST 2008


moving to 3.99 i found some bugs in snapshot mz-
downloaded Mon Feb 11 2008


> (require (lib "lazy.ss" "srfi" "45"))
> (s:force (s:delay '()))

gives the error:
car: expects argument of type <pair>; given {#f . #<procedure>}

changed car -> mcar on line 33 in collects/srfi/45/lazy.ss


sleep: expects argument of type <non-negative real number>; given #f

 === context ===

(call-with-limits sec mb thunk)
;; sec -> #f

the doc says the parameter can be false, so i wrapped a (when sec ...)
around the body of the timer thread thunk.


the move to immutable pairs seems to work pretty well for my largest plt 
scheme project (forth compiler http://zwizwa.h1x.com/brood, about 12k lines)

was fairly straigthforward:
 * a couple of reverse! -> reverse
 * explicit use of mutable pairs in 1 isolated file

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