[plt-scheme] scribble, line breaks

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Mon Feb 11 06:54:56 EST 2008

How do I force a line break in Scribble?  I want to have a line break  
after the first line in the following:

@scheme[(:: "/*" (complement (:: any-string "*/" any-string)) "*/")]
   matches Java/C block comments.  @scheme["/**/"], @scheme["/ 
******/"], @scheme["/*////*/"],
   @scheme["/*asg4*/"] and so on.  It does not match @scheme["/**/ 
*/"], @scheme["/* */ */"] and so
   on.  @scheme[(:: any-string "*/" any-string)] matches any string  
that has a
   @scheme["*/"] in is, so @scheme[(complement (:: any-string "*/" any- 
string))] matches
   any string without a @scheme["*/"] in it.
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