[plt-scheme] Re: how to work with dates in scheme

From: stelvio (keydana at gmx.de)
Date: Sat Dec 20 02:58:25 EST 2008


thanks both of you for your help, I did not know I had to look in the
SRFI's so I just found scheme/date... I've read SICP and (the basic
parts of) Dybvig's scheme book, but regarding "real world tasks" I'm
just only starting to find out where to get what (and I'm even a bit
overwhelmed by all the possibilities of PLT scheme :-))

Thanks again, and
(printf "~a: Happy new year to you too!" (s19:date->string (s19:string-
>date "01.01.2009" "~d.~m.~Y") "~D"))

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