[plt-scheme] exception in local variable access from augmented method

From: Dimitris Vyzovitis (vyzo at media.mit.edu)
Date: Sat Dec 6 14:02:52 EST 2008

On Sat, 6 Dec 2008, Matthew Flatt wrote:

>> So what is a custom set! expander to do here? It cannot judge smudge the
>> syntax to use the built-in set! by passing #'(set! tgt v),
> Yes, it should.

Ok - or perhaps just ignore the set!-transformers altogether and pass them 
through in the default expansion to set!.

> Hopefully it's clearer now that a transformer created with
> `make-set!-transformer' is intended (by the caller of
> `make-set!-transformer) to work specifically with the usual `set!'.

Yes, thank you.

> We
> don't currently have anything like `make-set!-transformer' that is
> intended to work with context-specific notions of `set!'.

I guess syntax-id-rules can be coaxed to do the job by explicitly 
requiring the builtin set! to use as a keyword.

-- vyzo

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