[plt-scheme] PLaneT bug tracking

From: Dave Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 28 12:02:22 EDT 2008

> PLaneT now includes an installation of trac. Please use it for
> submitting any PLaneT-package bug reports.
>  http://planet.plt-scheme.org/trac/the-submit-a-bug-url

I got this error:

Error: Not Found
No handler matched request to /the-submit-a-bug-url

> Note that if you already have an account on PLaneT, you now also have
> a trac account, but you will need to set your password. Do this by
> setting your PLaneT password (even to its current value) and the trac
> side password will also be changed.

I reset my password on PLaneT and then tried logging in to /trac and it 
said invalid username or password.


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