[plt-scheme] Multi-column list box control?

From: Michael Forster (mike at sharedlogic.ca)
Date: Tue Aug 26 15:35:56 EDT 2008

On 26-Aug-08, at 2:19 PM, Matthias Felleisen wrote:

> Why don't you point someone to the LispWorks code, which I believe  
> is freeware now, and see whether someone on the list wishes to  
> contribute a port to Planet? -- Matthias

LispWorks is still a commercial CL :-)

For now, I've defined a class with an interface very similar to the
existing list-box%, and implemented it, crudely, using horizontal
panels and text fields.  Should be fine for my immediate application
prototyping purposes.  In a month or two, after I've had some time
to look more closely at mred and mred extensions (maybe mrdesigner
as an example), I'll take a stab at implementing something better.



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