[plt-scheme] Re: answers from htdp

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 18 10:15:34 EDT 2008

You know, if we never had those "Solution" links in the HTML document,
nobody would *ever* complain about this.  (They might ask, but they
wouldn't complain.)

Anyway, changing HtDP's structure at this point is non-trivial.  But
fixing this problem for the second edition is a concrete goal.  As I
already said, our new World material already takes the route that
about half the assignments have public solutions.

The reason we have protected solutions at all (and will continue to do
so) is because some of our teachers want that, so they can assign
those problems and grade against definitive solutions.

[NB: Please don't bother flaming these teachers.  We've heard or
thought about every argument in this regard.  This is our policy and
we're sticking to it.  You can flame us instead of the teachers, but
that won't be a very productive use of time.]


PS: Ignoring all these gmane.org addresses...

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