[plt-scheme] Re: Where can I find the rocket-s.jpg image of "How to Design Programs/2e: Prolog, Section 2?"

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 18 07:44:01 EDT 2008

> I was unable to find this image just by going to the "Insert" ->
> "Insert Image..." menu item, and when I finally right-clicked on the
> image in the browser, then clicked on "Save Image As...," it saved as
> "rocket-s.jpg," but then executing the above function in the
> Definitions Window returned the following value in the Interactions
> Window:
>> 1176
> This is not what the text specifies.  How should I insert the image so
> that I get "1200" as the result of executing the above function?

Maybe the image was scaled differently?

> (Incidentally, do you know why "Prolog" comes up as the page title
> when saving a bookmark of the page?  Is this a bug, or is the book
> actually related to Prolog?)

No.  "Prolog" = "Prologue"

> However, using this image with the above function still returned 1176,
> instead of 1200.  Also, it seems strange that I should need either to
> download the rocket-s.jpg image from the Web page or to search for it
> on the Internet in order to find it; the book should be self-contained
> with respect to using images.

If you want to play with World programs, go to


It's totally self-contained in a way that even the most pedantic
person can't miss.  If you claim *that* isn't self-contained, then I'm
afraid I simply don't understand you.


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