[plt-scheme] Any tips for avoiding intermittent freezing when navigating file system directories with mounted network volumes in DrScheme?

From: Benjamin L.Russell (DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Aug 18 06:28:44 EDT 2008

While this topic has already been discussed in this mailing list
(without a clear solution), I am still wondering whether there is any
way to avoid intermittent freezing when navigating file system
directories in DrScheme.

Today, I was using DrScheme, version 4.1, english, on Windows XP,
Service Pack 2, and repeatedly encountered freezing every few seconds
while navigating the system directories when trying to save the
Definitions and Interactions Windows.  I actually spent more time on
waiting for the freezes to stop than on the actual saving of the

IIRC, somebody once stated on this mailing list that this problem
happens if the system has -mounted network volumes in its file system.
My system does, but I am not navigating those volumes when saving; I
am only navigating the local C drive.

Does anybody have any tips on avoiding this intermittent freezing when
navigating local file system directories on a system with mounted
network volumes?

-- Benjamin L. Russell

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