AW: [plt-scheme] Completions from distinct manuals

From: Robert Matovinovic (robert.matovinovic at
Date: Sat Aug 16 17:31:11 EDT 2008

I tried what you wrote, but can't confirm that it works. Actually I have the
same behavior as before. Obviously I wasn't clear enough about my test phase
editions to get-mytest-manual-keywords in mytest-tool:

Only the first line of the of the following block which is an excerpt of
get-mytest-manual-keywords is the real one. All others are tests what
happens to the word list with other collections. The last one is the
"all-words" option which works anyway. So I assume you did not comment out
these parts, which yields in a completions list with all words including
that of my collection. As I already mentioned that I know works. Otherwise I
can't explain to myself why it worked for you.

              (set! words (text:get-completions/manuals (list 'mytest)))
;              (dbgprn "~n~nmytest words:~n~a" words)
;              (set! words (text:get-completions/manuals (list 'mysterx
;              (dbgprn "~n~nmysterx and mytest words:~n~a" words)
;              (set! words (text:get-completions/manuals (list 'frtime)))
;              (dbgprn "~n~nfrtime words:~n~a" words)
;              (set! words (text:get-completions/manuals (list 'mysterx)))
;              (dbgprn "~n~nmysterx words:~n~a" words)
;              (set! words (text:get-completions/manuals #f))
;              (dbgprn "~n~nall words:~n~a" words)

So there is still something to solve. I'd appreciate if you could look at it
again. I'll be away for the next 14 days so there is no hurry.
Thank you very much

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> Gesendet: Freitag, 15. August 2008 22:19
> An: Robert Matovinovic
> Cc: Matthew Flatt
> Betreff: Re: [plt-scheme] Completions from distinct manuals
> Thanks. It looks like you've run afoul of the wrong 
> place/missing @defmodule declaration problem in Scribble. I'm 
> not sure how, but there should probably be a better error 
> message for this case. Anyways, this version of mytest.scrbl 
> works. I'll also note that, when you use @defmodule, you'll 
> see it underline the module in red when it is not linked up 
> properly, which is also a useful clue sometimes.
> #lang scribble/doc
> @(require "")
> @title[#:style 'toc]{@bold{MrMytest}: A DrScheme Interface to 
> MyTest} @defmodule[mytest/mytest-elk]
> @local-table-of-contents[#:style 'immediate-only]
> @defform[(mytest-cmd args)]
> @index-section[]
> hth,
> Robby
> On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 8:17 AM, Robert Matovinovic 
> <robert.matovinovic at> wrote:
> > It took a while to strip things down for a demo, but I'm 
> grateful that 
> > you will have a look at it. In there is a function 
> > get-mytest-manual-keywords which load completion lists. For demo 
> > purposes it loads lists from several collections and prints 
> the lists 
> > to standard output. You will see that text:get-completions/manuals 
> > gives back all the lists except the one for 'mytest. I combined for 
> > example mysterx and mytest, but only for #f (all words)the single 
> > command from my language mytest-cmd is in the list and will 
> be shown 
> > if it is a completion after pressing ctrl+/. You can check 
> that after 
> > compilation running DrScheme and select MyTest Compatible Mode as 
> > language.
> >
> > BTW I found that F1 for help only works if the cursor is in 
> front or 
> > inside a word but not at the end. I find that somewhat annoying 
> > because I mostly use it that way. If the cursor is at the end of a 
> > word only the main page of Help Desk opens with no further 
> actions. If 
> > that's by purpose, I'd like to understand why.
> >
> > Robert
> >

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