[plt-scheme] Replace & Find in v4.1

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 14 16:55:49 EDT 2008

Oh, yes. I see. Very helpful.

Technically, the tan oval is part of searching (which is the root of
the problem).


On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 3:53 PM, Ben Goetter <goetter at mazama.net> wrote:
> Robby Findler wrote:
>>> However, text selections made via the
>>> "Find" button (as opposed to the Edit/Find Again menu item) are not
>>> highlighted visibly; and the subsequent selection of the next match by
>>> "Replace & Find" is not visibly highlighted, either.
>> There should be. If the focus is in the window where you're searching,
>> you should see the selection move. If the focus is in the search
>> window, you should see a tan circle moving around inside the purple
>> circles. Maybe that is just too light somehow?
> No, it really isn't being drawn in response to Find Again via button.  Find
> Again via keyboard menuitem accelerator works as expected.
> To repro:
> 1. Start a fresh DrScheme.  (Win XP SP2)
> 2. In the defns pane, type "one two three four five six seven"
> 3. Ctrl+f to go to the Find field
> 4. Type "three" - you'll see the proper purple oval appear in the defns pane
> 5. Without keyboard focus leaving rhe Find field, type Ctrl+g.  You'll see
> the light tan, indicative of selection in a text control that doesn't have
> focus.
> 6. Click with mouse back into the defns pane to clear the selection and give
> the pane focus
> 7. Now click the Find button.  It won't draw any text selection, either
> light tan or blue.
> 8. Pull down the Edit menu. All the Replace menu items are enabled, because
> in fact the text is selected -- just invisibly so.
> 9. You can prove the selection by mousing into the Replace field, typing
> "baz" or some such, and pressing the Replace button.  The invisibly selected
> "three" will be replaced with "baz."
> Invisible selections is the only confusing thing.  Once you can see the
> selections, it'll be easy to figure out what the controls do.

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