[plt-scheme] Re: More pedagogic stuff

From: hendrik at topoi.pooq.com (hendrik at topoi.pooq.com)
Date: Wed Aug 13 22:44:11 EDT 2008

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 12:38:36PM -0400, David Einstein wrote:

> [2]  These are by Andrei Toom of Toom-Cook fame.  Yes, it sometimes appears
> that he has an axe to grind, but his points on the complete lack of problem
> solving in american K-12 education appear valid from where I sit.

That's why I like the first few years of math education here in Quebec.  
The first few years are devoted almost entirely to problem-solving.  And 
here's a nice point -- when they do well in other areas, and end up 
with time left over, the teacher will *permit* them to spend extra time 
on problem-solving.

-- hendrik

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