[plt-scheme] Usability: Collapse Menus

From: Marek Kubica (marek at xivilization.net)
Date: Wed Aug 13 04:40:35 EDT 2008


I guess we all agree that DrScheme does not look really pretty (at
least on Linux). Now, while this is not a big issue to rewrite the GUI
at this point, which does not seem to be easily possible anyway we have
to live with that. But, while I quite like how DrScheme works I am
always a bit annoyed by the menus (File, Edit, View etc) which I can
open by one single click but can't close again by a single click (like
it works in about about any toolkit on Windows, GTK+ and Qt). 

Could you please change the behaviour so that these menus collapse when
the user clicks on the menu entry name? It is really easier for users
if they don't need to search where to click to get rid of the menus.
Clicking outside of the menus is of course reasonable but I think for
the usability consistency is key.


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