[plt-scheme] MrEd tab-panel%

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 12 11:40:41 EDT 2008

At Sun, 10 Aug 2008 12:02:26 +0200 (CEST), Ivanyi Peter wrote:
> So I try to create a new tab-panel% class like in
> frtime/gui/mod-mrpanel.ss
> In this case the tab-panel% is a vertical-panel%, which contains
> a tab-group%, however I also create a panel:single% object
> inside which will do the switching. But I cannot add the
> panel:single%
> to tab-group% as tab-group% is not an internal container.
> So my question is:
> How can I make a tab-group% object which is also an internal
> container???

A tab-group% is a kind of (internal) control. A tab-panel% contains a
hidden tab-group%, as you noted. So, it doesn't make sense to use a
tab-group% as a parent. I think you do want to add to the panel
containing the tab-group%.

But I'm not clear on why the `on-subwindow-event' strategy doesn't work
for tab-panel%. Isn't that method called with the tab-panel% object
when it's clicked?


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