[plt-scheme] MrEd bug in tab-panel

From: Ivanyi Peter (pivanyi at freemail.hu)
Date: Mon Aug 11 16:37:31 EDT 2008


I think there is a bug (somewhere) in MrEd. In the following
code the height should change and not the width. I think
somewhere the stretchable-width and stretchable-height
are "cross-wired".

Best regards,

Peter Ivanyi


(module tab-test-2 mzscheme
  (require mzlib/class
           (lib "mred.ss" "mred")
           (lib "framework.ss" "framework")

  (define w (new frame% (label "Hello")
                 (min-width 200)
                 (min-height 200)
  (define tab-panel (new tab-panel% (parent w) (choices
  (define single-panel (new panel:single% (parent tab-panel)))
  (define vert1 (new vertical-panel% (parent single-panel))) 
  (define c1 (new canvas% (min-width 10) (min-height 10) 
                           (parent vert1)))
  ; this is the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  (send vert1 stretchable-height #f)
  (send w show #t)

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