[plt-scheme] running an MzScheme debugger in Emacs?

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Fri Apr 25 15:11:57 EDT 2008

I second that. We should not compare apples with pears. For editing Scheme 
programs I exclusively use DrScheme and its nice syntax checker. For 
functions not provided by DrScheme (such as my own favorate style of 
indentation, I make my own programs that require two or three mouse clicks 
only (I don't like wordiness commands))  I have two suggestions though:

(1) I use the syntax checker to find whole identifiiers. It would be nice to 
have an option within the common search function of DrScheme to look for 
whole lexemes only.

(2) When renaming a variable, the syntax checker always looses its analysis. 
That's understandable when changing a variable into one that has a wider 
scope too (the checker does nicely provide a warning) But may be the 
analysis can be maintained when this conflict does not occur??? Thus 
avoiding the necessity to initiate another syntax check. A problem may be 
that location information must be recomputed.

Please don't take this as a criticisme. I am quite fond of the easy way of 
downloading and installing and using DrScheme, which frees me of typing 
comples commands (that is to say, complex for me, may be not for other 
people) Yes, I still have to type my programs, but that's a thing I greatly 
enjoy. Nowadays I refrain from systems that force me to read lots of docs or 
to type lots of uneasily understood and hard to remember escape sequuences. 
May be it's my age.

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> On Apr 25, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
>> Matching in DrScheme enough of the beneficial subtleties that
>> decades of software evolution and thousands of programmer-years have
>> conferred upon Emacs-- is a harder job than it might sound like.
>> But if anyone can do it, Eli can.
> Heh...  I actually considered once the effort of turning drscheme into
> a generic editor that can compete with emacs, and not only is it a
> huge amount of work, but it is also questionable if there's any point
> in that.
> BTW, this is not something that is specific for drscheme -- you'd have
> the same problem if you try to get MS's visual studio to do what word
> is doing, or if you try to use eclipse to read your mail.
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