[plt-scheme] Re: pdf version of HtDP?

From: srid (Sridhar.Ratna at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Apr 19 23:00:04 EDT 2008

Hi Shriram,

Are there any significant differences between the hardcopy book (2001)
and the online version (2003)? I would personally prefer reading
hardcopy but unfortunately it is 2 years older than the latest


On Mar 30, 10:54 am, "Shriram Krishnamurthi" <s... at cs.brown.edu>
> Hi,
> There is no on-line PDF version of HtDP.
> The copyright to HtDP is owned by the MIT Press.  They were generous
> in allowing us to put an HTML version on-line, in full, for free.  In
> return, they limit the on-line availability to the HTML format.
> Of course, if you would like a paper copy of the book, you can find a
> print version of the book very easily.  Check out a bookstore. (-:
> (Btw, the on-line version is generated by tex2page, the superior
> alternative to tex2html.)
> Shriram
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