[plt-scheme] how much time it takes to compile scribbles to you?

From: Marco Maggi (marco.maggi-ipsu at poste.it)
Date: Sun Apr 20 02:39:18 EDT 2008

"Matthew Flatt" wrote:
>Yes, I think CGC is to blame, and those long hours
>were spent paging.

Thanks for the analysis.

>The other way around is to use 3m. Are you using CGC
>only because 3m isn't supported for your platform, in which
>case we should try to support it?

I am using CGC because my plan is to port to MzScheme a set
of Scheme interfaces to C libraries: I tried at first to use 3m,
but the compiler complained about my C code: "You cannot do
this! You cannot do that! ..." 

At this point I will try to reengineer my code in a interface
library+adapter library model, so that I have to care about 3m
requirements in a smaller amount of code. Poi si vede (italian
way to life: then we will see...)

Marco Maggi

"Now feel the funk blast!"
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