[plt-scheme] fluid-let and threads

From: Eric Tanter (etanter at dcc.uchile.cl)
Date: Thu Apr 17 18:52:02 EDT 2008


Thanks Ryan and Robby for your quick answer.

Ryan Culpepper wrote:
> 'fluid-let' is essentially 'set!'.

Ok indeed, that says it all. I was imagining a more 'functional'  
working of fluid-let, such as extending the dynamic environment with a  
new binding, valid only during the dynamic extent of the fluid-let  
body. So the question was whether the thread was being created with  
that environment to start with or not.
Ok, with mutation involved it's another matter.

I have found out about parameters, and actually I came across this  
when trying to understand the relation between parameters, fluids,  
fluid-let, etc.

Robby Findler wrote:
> Also, check out this paper:
> Martin Gasbichler, Eric Knauel, Michael Sperber and Richard A. Kelsey.
> "How to Add Threads to a Sequential Language Without Getting Tangled
> Up". Scheme Workshop 2003. November 2003.

Thanks for the ref, will check it.

-- Éric

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