[plt-scheme] Web Server Port Query (v371)

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 15 11:25:45 EDT 2008

It could also have something to do with IPv6. What is the IP address
you give in the config file?


On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 8:18 AM, Eric Domeshek
<domeshek at stottlerhenke.com> wrote:
> Gang,
>  I have built a web application using MzScheme v371 and having shipped it to
> some people for evaluation, a user running Vista Ultimate reports it failed
> for them with an error message something like:
> > TCP listen on port 80 failed
> >    Attempt to access a socket in way forbidden by its access permissions
> >    Error # 10013
> >
>  This program works on my Vista Business Lenovo tablet.  Guessing that
> something in Vista Ultimate (or their configuration) was hogging port 80
> already, I tried to reconfigure to run on another port.  I find I have both
> a config.scm (in the same directory as my default-web-root), and a
> configuration-table.scm (inside the default-web-root directory).  I suspect
> one of them is left over from an early version of MzScheme and its web
> server, but I'm not sure which it is.
>  In any case, editing BOTH these configuration files to specify port 8080
> instead of 80, I find that my program when launched still seems to run on
> port 80.  While port 80 works fine on my test machine, it doesn't help me in
> reconfiguring for this broken user's machine.
>  So some questions:
>  1- Is there a known problem with Vista Ultimate using Port 80 or otherwise
> making it hard to run a web server that tries to use that port?
>  2- What am I doing wrong about reconfiguring my MzScheme to use a different
> port?
>  Thanks for any tips.
>  --Eric
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