[plt-scheme] Web Server Port Query (v371)

From: Eric Domeshek (domeshek at stottlerhenke.com)
Date: Tue Apr 15 10:18:27 EDT 2008


I have built a web application using MzScheme v371 and having shipped it 
to some people for evaluation, a user running Vista Ultimate reports it 
failed for them with an error message something like:

> TCP listen on port 80 failed
>     Attempt to access a socket in way forbidden by its access permissions
>     Error # 10013

This program works on my Vista Business Lenovo tablet.  Guessing that 
something in Vista Ultimate (or their configuration) was hogging port 80 
already, I tried to reconfigure to run on another port.  I find I have 
both a config.scm (in the same directory as my default-web-root), and a 
configuration-table.scm (inside the default-web-root directory).  I 
suspect one of them is left over from an early version of MzScheme and 
its web server, but I'm not sure which it is. 

In any case, editing BOTH these configuration files to specify port 8080 
instead of 80, I find that my program when launched still seems to run 
on port 80.  While port 80 works fine on my test machine, it doesn't 
help me in reconfiguring for this broken user's machine.

So some questions:

1- Is there a known problem with Vista Ultimate using Port 80 or 
otherwise making it hard to run a web server that tries to use that port?

2- What am I doing wrong about reconfiguring my MzScheme to use a 
different port?

Thanks for any tips.


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