[plt-scheme] v4 top-level based languages in DrScheme

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 14 12:32:10 EDT 2008

Yes. Specifically, you should be completely unaffected by this change
if you do not use DrScheme. If you use DrScheme but develop programs
that either run in R5RS, R6RS, run in Pretty Big or you are willing to
write either "#lang scheme" or "#lang mzscheme" at the top of your
file (making your code PLT-specific) then you will be unaffected.


On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 11:26 AM, Bill Wood <william.wood3 at comcast.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-04-14 at 06:17 -0500, Robby Findler wrote:
>  > I'm considering dropping the mzscheme and mred top-level based
>  > languages from DrScheme. After some thought, it isn't very clear what
>  > use they will serve beyond Pretty Big and R5RS, especially now that
>  > module programs are so easy to write, via #lang.
>  >
>  > Is there anyone out there that still uses mzscheme and/or mred in v4
>  > or imagines that they would?
>  Does v4 have a text-only replacement for mzscheme?  I do text-based
>  development exclusively.
>   -- Bill Wood

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