[plt-scheme] input requested from people who care about licenses of scheme libraries

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Apr 13 05:18:16 EDT 2008

Most of my existing free Scheme libraries are distributed under the LGPL 
2.1 license.

I'm thinking of distributing most of my *new* Scheme libraries of under 
the more restrictive GPL 3 or AGPL 3 licenses.  (I plan to keep new 
versions of existing libraries under their existing licenses.)


Developers would of course have the option of negotiating alternative 
licenses with me.

My original motivation for picking LGPL 2.1 over GPL 2.1 is that I 
thought LGPL was the best way to promote use of Scheme in my own small 
way.  With Scheme now having good name-recognition among software 
techies, Scheme has less need of help.

My primary motivation now is to encourage software that uses my new free 
Scheme libraries to be shared in the same spirit that the libraries are.

I'm posting this question here in addition to my blog, since I believe 
PLT is the most popular Scheme, and a few people here use my libraries.

Please feel free to email me privately with your comments.


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