[plt-scheme] Equivalent of K&R for Scheme?

From: Yavuz Arkun (yarkun at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 10 10:22:40 EDT 2008

What Scheme book would be closest analogue to C's K&R? I consider the 
essentials of K&R to be (roughly in descending order of importance):

--Aims to teach the target language as opposed to programming in general
--Doesn't suffer from page bloat unlike typical American textbooks
--Covers the entire language, at least in essentials
--Uses complete, if smallish, programs as examples and exercises
--Doesn't treat the reader as a complete nincompoop, unlike typical 
introductory American textbooks
--Doesn't leave out hard-to-teach bits "in the interests of 
concentrating on the essentials"
--Doesn't include barely relevant but impressively obscure quotations 
at every chapter
--Is mercifully free of "foo" and "bar"

(OK, the last two are maybe not that essential, but they help.)

Online availability of a free copy is a definite plus. Thanks in 
advance for your help.


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