[plt-scheme] saved window configurations

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 26 12:20:40 EDT 2007

On Sep 26, 2007, at 12:15 PM, Grant Rettke wrote:

> On 9/26/07, Anton van Straaten <anton at appsolutions.com> wrote:
>> Just to introduce some scope creep, and in the interests of  
>> leapfrogging
>> a full recapitulation of the history of IDEs, I think it'd be a good
>> idea to make the list of open files a kind of first-class entity,  
>> that
>> could e.g. be saved in a directory and reopened later.
> DrScheme is more of an editor than an IDE. There is no notion of
> "projects" for example.

I strongly disagree. An IDE i.e. integrated development environment  
has nothing to do per se with Projects. To think so is a consequence  
of two historical developments:

1. Historically, IDEs are created for programming languages in which  
it is impossible to produce a deliverable without the notion of a  
project around. Ergo, a project plays a central role and you think  
that an IDE is about a project.

2. The goal of PL research is to produce a linguistic forum for  
things that are currently rolled into IDEs and other extra-linguistic  
form. To this end, DrScheme does not focus on the notion of a  
project. Instead, it is our goal to put things into the language if  
they are needed to create a product.

Above and beyond this, DrScheme supports development tools that  
editors usually don't support in such an integrated manner:
  -- CheckSyntax
  -- the graphical Module Brower
  -- the profiler, even if it isn't great
  -- the stepper and debugger

So whatever you call it, it's not a plain editor or Emacs  
replacement. -- Matthias

> What you describe would suit Mylyn well; assuming you buy into that  
> approach.

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